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4/13/17 All About The Periods…..


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Tonight we talk about a subject that over half of the world has to deal with monthly, but is still considered taboo. Tonight we are talking periods with Asian American women. Hosts Miko Lee and Tara Djorbji talk to Amrita Saigal the founder of Saanthi Pad, eco-friendly pads for women in India.  We hear from New York Congresswoman Grace Meng on her Menstrual Equity Bill which will eliminate the tax on period supplies and provide pads to homeless and incarcerated women, and Boston-based activist Nadya Okamoto who at 16 years of age founded Period, a Menstrual Movement an organization providing period supplies to homeless women.  Learn more about the Saanthi Pads and Period, a Menstrual Movement here:


Community Calendar:

April 15 1-4:30pm the Tax March San Francisco Civic Center, San Francisco

April 15 & 16 50th annual Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival in SF J town

April 18 at 07:00 PM Showing Up for Racial Justice presents Anti-Racism Educator Tim Wise at First Congregational Church of Oakland

April 29 The Hidden History of the Japanese-American Community in South Berkeley. Led by Jill Shiraki






2/16/17 Thi Bui, Art Shibayama and Moazzam Sheikh

Screen Shot 2017-03-12 at 7.19.26 PM

We’ll be in conversation with author Thi Bui about her debut graphic novel, “The Best We Could Do,” which offers a haunting and intimate portrayal of one family’s journey from war torn Vietnam. Then, we’ll hear from the lead petitioner seeking justice for the Shibayama brothers, who continue to demand that the US government be accountable for its ongoing failure to provide redress for war crimes perpetrated against them as children during World War II. We will round out the hour in conversation with contributors of the newly released South Asian American Issue released by the Chicago Quarterly, guest edited by Moazzam Sheikh, who explains that “The new South Asian American writer is a wild beast.” We’ll delve into that wildness. We have all that and more, so tune it.

More information about the Campaign for Justice for Shibayama Brothers case here.

Information about the petition in support of the Shibayama Brothers here.


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2/11/16 Brown Is the New White, Zika Virus and Reproductive Rights, Match4Lara

Tune into APEX Express on Thursday, February 11 at 7 p.m., when we talk with Steve Phillips, author of Brown is the New White, about how people of color in the United States are a progressive majority.


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Then, we discuss the Zika Virus. The World Health Organization has issued warnings across Asia and the Americas. We look at how governments in Latin America are responding to the epidemic by issuing recommendations for women not to be pregnant. What could this mean for women globally? How do reproductive rights and access to birth control fit into the epidemic?

Finally, we are in conversation with Sujitpan Lamsam and Carol Gillespie, organizers from the Match4Lara campaign about the challenge of finding donors for multiracial people in need of bone marrow transplants.

Sujitpan Lamsam for Web

Sujitpan Lamsam, Lara Casalotti’s aunt

Carol Gillespie for Web

Asian American Donor Program Executive Director Carol Gillespie

We also have tickets to give away to Dr. Israel performing tomorrow night at Dub Mission. Listen to APEX Express.

6/25/15: Spotlight on Burma and Allied Media Conference Report Back

Rohingya refugees in the Nayapara camp. Photo by Ruben Flamarique/Austcare

Rohingya refugees in the Nayapara camp. Photo by Ruben Flamarique/Austcare.

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Tune in tonight to learn about the terrifying plight of Rohingya Muslims in the Buddhist state of Burma or Myanmar. Preeti Shekar talks to journalist and Burma expert, Sufyan bin Uzayr, and Bay-Area-based Burmese immigrant activist and feminist, Nwe Oo, about how this state-sanctioned massacre is unfolding even as Nobel Peace prize winner Aung San Suu Kyii has been widely criticized for her shocking apathy on the issue.

mmmWe also feature a quick update on the Allied Media Conference that took place last weekend in Detroit, Michigan, including highlights from a powerful network gathering of Asian American activists called Igniting a Model Minority Mutiny which had a goal to collectively reflect and work on dismantling the model minority myth and internalized anti-Black racism in our communities, and be better allies for #BlackLivesMatter.

The Battle Over Twelfth Street




We’re giving you an overview of the City of Oakland sale of public land to a private developer and why residents and organizers are fighting it because the parcel is still being contested. Which means YOU can get involved.

Interviews with:

Christine Cherdboonmuang – East Lake Communities for Justice

Monica Garcia – East Lake Communities for Justice

Sydney Fang – East Lake Communities for Justice, APEN, and Asians for Black Lives

Xan West – Black Seed

Lucy Saephan – Long time East Oakland resident.

And sound taken from the public video of the City of Oakland Planning Commission Hearing.

5/14/2015 – Fund Drive and Yuri Kochiyama’s Birthday

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We have a fund drive show tonight and we’re going to be paying tribute to Yuri Kochiyama who passed away last year. May 19th would have been her 94th birthday and we wanted to celebrate her life with some of our favorite Yuri pieces. Donations to KPFA get you Yuri’s memoir: Passing it On.

Join us at 7pm on KPFA 94.1 FM.

Yuri Kochiyama print by Melanie Cervantes with Dignidad Rebelde

Yuri Kochiyama print by Melanie Cervantes with Dignidad Rebelde

Until May 23rd is RECLAIMING OUR ROOTS: APA arts activism  from the 1960s on. at the Kearny Street Workshop. This event brings KSW to the very street from which it takes its name, bringing the past and the present together through a multidisciplinary presentation of literature, music, and visual art. 

On March 16th and 17th, Live Oak Park in Berkeley hosts the Himalayan Fair. Both days start at 10 am and run until the early evening. All donations and raffle proceeds received this year will support efforts to send aid to Nepal after now, two devastating back to back earthquakes. They will also host a prayer each day of the Fair to remember the people of Nepal. 

Next Wednesday, join the Teach in to Free West Papau in Oakland or in SF on Thursday, May 21 at 518 Valencia Street at 6 pm for Free West Papau as we think about the questions “What does self-determination look like for West Papua and other indigenous peoples? How does the struggle for West Papua’s independence connect with other third world liberation movements?” we learn about its history and its struggle.

Also next Thursday May 21st from 7 to 8:30 pm join us for the opening of The State of the State: Contemporary Filipino/American art in the Bay Area at the Asian Art Museum in San Francisco.

4/16/15 E. 12th Street Parcel, Suite J-Town, and Working Intersectionally


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Tonight we learn about the East 12th Street parcel sale in Oakland and why its creating such a stir. We also talk with Brenda Wong Aoki, Mark Izu, and their son KK about Suite J-Town, the Art of Resilience. And we hear from three Asian American organizers (Harrison Seuga with Asian Prisoner Support Committee; Sabiha Basrai with ASATA and Design Action Collective; and Ellen Choy with Movement Generation, Asians 4 Black Lives, and APEX) about how they work across multi-racial lines in their organizing. This panel was part of a retreat for Asian Americans for Civil Rights and Equality.

Sabiha, Ellen, and Harrison sharing the work they do at AACRE retreat. Photo by Mioi Hanaoka.

Sabiha, Ellen, and Harrison sharing the work they do at AACRE retreat. Photo by Mioi Hanaoka.

Shout out to Christine Cherdboonmuang, East Lake Communities for Justice; Monica Garcia, East Lake Communities for Justice; Sydney Fang, East Lake Communities for Justice, APEN, and Asians for Black Lives; Xan West, Black Seed; and Lucy Saephan, Long time East Oakland resident. Sound for the E. 12 Street Parcel story was taken from the public video of the City of Oakland Planning Commission Hearing. Also thanks to Michelle Lin for editing the AACRE panel.