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1/18/18 South Asian Spotlight on Consent

On tonight’s South Asia spotlight on APEX Express, we revisit the much discussed, shared and re-shared #MeToo campaign, but through a recent disturbing incident involving “feminist” ally and media personality Aziz Ansari. On the heels of a report detailing the account of a young photographer’s date with Ansari, which quickly degenerated into a harrowing night for her, social media has exploded with both self-proclaimed feminists and others critiquing both parties. But are there two sides? Or just a culture of violence that is trying to pass as normal and routine?

We ask:

  • What does this incident (and the way people responded to it) tell us about the culture of violence and silence we live in?
  • How do we hold our male, feminist allies accountable?
  • What are the uncomfortable gaps in our understanding of complex ideas around “consent,” that incidents like these prompt us to unlearn and learn?
  • How can we erase toxic misogyny and patriarchy and proactively build the world we want to live in – of authentic consent and freedom for all bodies to explore their desire and sexuality without stigma, fear of violence, or judgement?
  • How can nuanced feminist analyses translate to lived reality?

Join the discussion on tonight’s South Asia Feminist Special where we feature the voices, perspectives, and analyses of a range of South Asian feminists from the Bay Area and beyond.


1/11/18 Hope in the New Year

Tonight, we feature organizing at the state and local level.

Tonight, we’re looking at movement building and legislative change that is mounting in the new year. But if you take a bird’s-eye view, we’ll see that the repression has been year’s in the making. Whether we’re talking about the increase in higher education tuition, the dramatically increasing rents throughout California, or the forced displacements of communities there has been resistance through people powered solutions.

College 4 All

The first to join us is Celi Tamayo-Li. Born and raised in SF, Celi is the field organizer at San Francisco Rising where they’re focus is on “youth” which is defined as up to 30 years old. Celi taught history at Hilltop High, SF’s school for teen parents, and was the campaign manager for Vote 16 (a measure to lower the voting age to 16 in SF), which only lost by 2 percent. Celi talks about SF Rising’s College 4 All campaign.

Deepa Varma

Our next segment is hope for housing in the new year with an effort to repeal the Costa Hawkins Act. Our guest is Deepa Varma, the executive director of the San Francisco Tenants Union. Deepa has worked as an organizer, litigator and activist on social justice issues including women’s rights, public benefits, criminal justice reform and immigration. She was a tenants rights attorney in New York and at San Francisco’s Eviction Defense Collaborative. She helped to train a new generation of eviction defense lawyers in San Francisco to enforce the tenant protections we have in the city, and to provide last minute litigation support for tenants in housing court.

YOHANA getting down! Photo by Anth Bongco.

Finally, we we are joined by artist Colin Kimzey and Claire Amable, the youth health coordinator at SOMCAN or the South of Market Community Action Network. Colin and SOMCAN were awarded $3,000 from Southern Exposure’s Alternative Exposure grant to “invigorate and transform the San Francisco Bay Area arts community”. The project is called Barangay Broadside and it pays for silk screen workshops at the South of Market Community Action Network.


1/4/18 Collage of Voices

From Late Night with Joe Cascasan.

Tonight, we kick off the new year with voices from APEX contributors and our larger community. Charged with the request to share audio clips that inspired them through the last year, we hear from APEX contributors Lindsay Oda, Geraldine Ah-Sue, Nonogirl, and the Power Lee Women (Miko, Jalena, and Ayame). We also have a contribution from APEX’s co-founder Renee Geesler. And our community contributed including Oliver Saria from Bindlestiff Studio and Rachel Lastimosa with SOMA Pilipinas.

The audio contributions include music, poetry, inspirational speeches and interviews that cover labor, colonization, sovereignty and immigration. We hope this inspires you into the new year.

12/21/17: Community Organizing


Tonight, on APEX Express, Hosts Miko Lee and Jalena Keane-Lee talk about community organizing. We chat with Kung from Bay Resistance about what is happening right now and with Judith Mirkinson and Grace Shimizu from The Comfort Women Justice Coalition who were part of an organization bringing awareness to the sexual trafficking of women. We end the segment talking about APAs in the news. Join us.

Trigger warning for this episode due to descriptions of acts of violence, acts of war, or sexual violence and its aftermath. 

11/23/17 No THANKS Music Show

Tonight, we have a special music show mixed by Selector Puzzle. We’re mixing it up a bit on this annual day of No THANKS to colonization, imperialism, and white supremacy. This installment of electro acoustic resistance systems is an antidote to challenges in the world right now. Tonight’s music comes from around the world and reflects the anger and creativity in our communities. Selector Puzzle brings us noise from all over Asia and Asian America. It may be a stretch for you, but that’s what KPFA is all about: sharing ideas and sounds with you that you can’t get anywhere else! So put on your headphones and rock out with us.

Community Calendar
To stay in solidarity with Native people, on Friday, November 24, there’s a prayer and protest at the Emeryville shellmound. This is a sacred burial ground of Ohlone ancestors.

Another event we want to recognize is the Decolonize Guåhan (Guam): Chamoru 2017 UN Report Back at 518 Valencia on Friday, December 1. Members of the Independent Guåhan delegation to the United Nations share stories of resistance, resilience, and the struggles for sovereignty and decolonization from the United States.

And on Saturday, December 9, celebrate the 10 year anniversary of Anakbayan East Bay. Join with young people who have planted the seeds of Philippine national liberation in the East Bay from immigrant rights marches to building leadership among youth, students, and workers across the region.

11/16/17 In the Trump Era

Tonight on APEX Express, join hosts Miko Lee and Jalena Keane-Lee as we  talk with lawyers and activists in Trump’s America. First we talk to Kevin Lo from Asian Americans Advancing Justice about the ICE round up of Cambodian Americans. Then we hear from activists Sonya Shah, Professor at California Institute of Integral Studies and founder of the Ahimsa Collective and Ke Lam from the Asian Prisoner Support Committee about the prison industrial complex in the Trump Era. We also hear from Nonogirl reporting from the Ban Trump Rally from the Bay all the way to the Philippines.

Action Items
Sign this Petition to stop the deportation of Cambodian refugees



Ban Trump Rally

On Monday, hundreds in San Francisco heeded the international Call to Action against Trump’s visit to the Philippines and Asia Pacific region. APEX’s Nonogirl brought back some tape from the rally including speeches by Jessica Antonio from BAYAN USA and Leslie Tran from VietUnity.

Photo by Megan Zapanta.


1. DONATE to BAYAN’s People’s Caravan and Protest actions to confront Trump at Clark Airbase. They will need to buy tents, sleeping bags, etc. as they camp-out along the 2-day caravan. You can Venmo @BAYANUSA or donate to BAYAN USA on
2. JOIN the Resist US-Led War Movement by signing on to the Manifesto: