6/25/15: Spotlight on Burma and Allied Media Conference Report Back

Rohingya refugees in the Nayapara camp. Photo by Ruben Flamarique/Austcare

Rohingya refugees in the Nayapara camp. Photo by Ruben Flamarique/Austcare.

Download the audio by clicking here.

Tune in tonight to learn about the terrifying plight of Rohingya Muslims in the Buddhist state of Burma or Myanmar. Preeti Shekar talks to journalist and Burma expert, Sufyan bin Uzayr, and Bay-Area-based Burmese immigrant activist and feminist, Nwe Oo, about how this state-sanctioned massacre is unfolding even as Nobel Peace prize winner Aung San Suu Kyii has been widely criticized for her shocking apathy on the issue.

mmmWe also feature a quick update on the Allied Media Conference that took place last weekend in Detroit, Michigan, including highlights from a powerful network gathering of Asian American activists called Igniting a Model Minority Mutiny which had a goal to collectively reflect and work on dismantling the model minority myth and internalized anti-Black racism in our communities, and be better allies for #BlackLivesMatter.

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