8/27/2015 South Asia Spotlight: Bay Area Solidarity Summer (BASS), A Lively Discussion with Author and Playwright Poile Sengupta

Download the audio by clicking here.

BASS Tune in to APEX Express’ monthly South Asia spotlight to find out through the perspectives of two wonderful young women,

Poile Sengupta

Author and playwright Poile Sengupta, with her latest novel, Inga

about BASS or Bay Area Solidarity Summer – a wonderful social justice training camp for young South Asian Americans in the bay area and beyond!

Later in the show, we bring you a lively discussion with noted children’s writer and playwright Poile Sengupta, about her latest novel for adults, Inga. Poile will be discussing her book on Monday Aug 31st at UC Berkeley at the ISAS.

This South Asia special show is hosted and produced by Preeti Mangala Shekar.

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