8/20/2015 Hydis Workers, Richmond Crude By Rail, and #Asians4BlackLives

On tonight’s Apex Express:

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Photo by Calvin Miaw and Ka Yan Cheung

Photo by Calvin Miaw and Ka Yan Cheung

Across Asia, more and more companies are crossing borders to open and close manufacturing plants.  Now, workers are doing the same.  After a Taiwanese multinational company shut down the Hydis plant that manufactures LCD screens in Korea, Korean workers began traveling to Taiwan to build relationships with Taiwanese unionists and hold demonstrations demanding their jobs back.  Calvin Miaw and Kayan Cheung report from Taipei.

Then, Richmond residents are getting ready to celebrate this weekend at the Our Power Festival, highlighting local alternatives to fossil fuels as they work to prevent trains carrying crude oil from coming through the city.

A4BL LNY dragon

Finally, it’s been a year since protests erupted in Ferguson Missouri after the police murder of Michael Brown.  We’ll talk with members of #Asians4BlackLives about how is the group growing and evolving with the movement.

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