6/28/18 Defiantly Yours

Tonight’s episode of APEX Express features music curated by Zuha Khan (DJ Baqvas) on the continuation of a theme from the last time she was on APEX. That theme is: Defiantly Yours: Radical Music from the Asian Diaspora in the Era of Trump. Tonight’s setlist reflects coming together and standing up for what’s right, recognizing our own struggles, and our pasts through migration and movements to do what we can to survive in a country that is employing more and more fascist practices.

Track List:
  • Immigrants (We Get The Job Done) by K’naan, Snow Tha Product, Riz MC, Residente on The Hamilton Mixtape (Atlantic Records)
  • Fired Up ft. Raaginder by SETI X (Self Released Single)
  • Us (Prod. By Nphared) by Ruby Ibarra Feat. Rocky Rivera, Klassy, & Faith Santilla on CIRCA91 (Beatrock Music)
  • Hella San Francisco (Equipto & Maitre’D) by The Watershed on Equipto & Brycon Present The Watershed (IHAA Records)
  • Sound The People ft. Heems by Red Baraat on Sound The People (Rhyme & Reason)
  • No More War by Soom T & Jean-Paul Dub on Dubs for Syria (Vaticaen Production)
  • War Empire by Kohinoorgasm on Synthwali and the War Empire EP (Self Released)
  • Find Safety by LAL on Find Safety (Self Released)
  • in between things by Wisechild (Self Released Single)
  • Migrations by Diaspoura on Demonstrations (Self Released)
  • War by Sahab on Safa City (Self Released)
Zuha Khan, also known as DJ Baqvas, is a proud local of the East Bay. Zuha is a member of the Alliance of South Asians Taking Action and helps out with its projects like Bay Area Solidarity Summer — a political action camp for South Asian youth. She is a DJ at San Francisco’s BFF.fm. Zuha enjoys politicizing radio DJ-ing through music by finding tracks produced by subversive artists from right here at home to countries most wouldn’t think to look to. You can follow her on Twitter @Zuha_Wave.

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