1/18/18 South Asian Spotlight on Consent

On tonight’s South Asia spotlight on APEX Express, we revisit the much discussed, shared and re-shared #MeToo campaign, but through a recent disturbing incident involving “feminist” ally and media personality Aziz Ansari. On the heels of a report detailing the account of a young photographer’s date with Ansari, which quickly degenerated into a harrowing night for her, social media has exploded with both self-proclaimed feminists and others critiquing both parties. But are there two sides? Or just a culture of violence that is trying to pass as normal and routine?

We ask:

  • What does this incident (and the way people responded to it) tell us about the culture of violence and silence we live in?
  • How do we hold our male, feminist allies accountable?
  • What are the uncomfortable gaps in our understanding of complex ideas around “consent,” that incidents like these prompt us to unlearn and learn?
  • How can we erase toxic misogyny and patriarchy and proactively build the world we want to live in – of authentic consent and freedom for all bodies to explore their desire and sexuality without stigma, fear of violence, or judgement?
  • How can nuanced feminist analyses translate to lived reality?

Join the discussion on tonight’s South Asia Feminist Special where we feature the voices, perspectives, and analyses of a range of South Asian feminists from the Bay Area and beyond.

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