The Spirit of Viet Nam Is Stronger Than U.S. Bombs: An Intergenerational Teach In

Colonialists, International Traitors, Think Carefully Before You Take Vietnam - To Lien (1978)

Colonialists, International Traitors, Think Carefully Before You Take Vietnam – To Lien (1978)

The war in Viet Nam was one of the most important historical events of the 20th century. It brings to light the heroic struggle of Vietnamese people against foreign aggression, particularly the United States of America.

On May 2, 2015, The Viet Nam Victory Coalition (VNVC), formed in 2014, hosted a Community Event: “The Spirit of Viet Nam is Stronger than U.S. Bombs” – a day-full of cultural, educational & powerful sharing to mark the 40th anniversary of the US military’s forced departure from Viet Nam and international struggle for self-determination.

Cultural Performances:

  • Traditional Vietnamese performance by Nhàn Thanh Ngô,
  • Spoken word by Phương Thảo Vương
  • Poetry by Lincoln Bergman.


  • Thuỳ Trang Nguyễn (VietUnity)
  • Pam Tau Lee (Chinese Progressive Association)
The opening plenary presents the American War in Viet Nam from the perspective of people resisting US aggression: People’s resistance and national liberation struggles were raging throughout the world and within the US; how they were influenced by and how did they intersect with the Viet people’s liberation struggle? What was the impact of black-brown-asian solidarity in the US and around the world? What are key lessons from these struggles then and now for young people and activists today?
Featured presenters:

  • Rabab Abdulhadi (SFSU Ethnic Studies Department)
  • Emory Douglas (former Minister of Culture of the Black Panther Party)
  • Nhàn Thanh Ngô (Union of Vietnamese)
  • Alex Hing (Rainbow Council of Elders)
  • Prishni Murillo (Xicana Moratorium Coalition)

Moderated by:
Ellen Choy (Hella Organized Bay Area Koreans)

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