12/20/12 Diskarte Namin

Diskarte Namin in S.F. Chinatown’s Wentworth Alley. Photo by Geneviève Massé

Download the audio by clicking here.

Last week, APEX Contributor, Ellen Choy spun some memorable music over the year, highlighting individuals and groups reinforcing the idea that all revolutionary work requires a cultural element in order to win the hearts and minds of the people. Another legitimate manifestation of this sentiment is the longtime movement band, Diskarte Namin.

Diskarte Namin is tagalog for “our strategy,” and since 1999, the band has undoubtedly produced music for the militant, and progressive masses. A meld of reggae, latin, hip-hop, soul, and folk, Diskarte Namin’s, kultural guerrillas takes us stateside to the Philippines, to Cuba, and every place where impunity is the entre and extrajudicial killings are the soup du jour. R.J. Lozada sat with some band members, and with another guest, Rhonda Ramiro, Vice Chair of Bayan USA.

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