4/12/12 API American Films: Giap and the Last Ironing Board Factory, Exiled Americans, and more

On this edition of Apex Express:

MARIE CHOI brings us samples from GIAP AND THE LAST IRONING BOARD FACTORY a new film about the mother-son relationship between Giap Nguyen and Tony Nguyen. Giap is a refugee who fled Vietnam in 1975 while two months pregnant. A single mother who has worked on the grueling assembly line for nearly 35 years, she is finally retiring. Set in Seymour, Indiana, this short documentary provides an intimate look at life inside the last standing ironing-board factory in the United States. Filmmaker Tony Nguyen captures his mother’s last day at the factory and attempts to reconcile an unknown past. This quirky and deeply personal film explores parental love and the refugee experience in small town America.

MARIE also gives us sounds from EXILED AMERICANS ~ Studio Revolt’s new video featuring a group of Exiled Khmer Americans. Their previous video, MY ASIAN AMERICANA by Anida Yoeu Ali, was a finalist for the White House AAPI’s “What’s Your Story” video contest. My Asian Americana features Asian Americans, both those who can return to the US and those living in exile, sharing their memories of home. Although My Asian Americana won the popular vote by a landslide, they refused to invite representatives to the White House. Studio Revolt is calling for supporters to write to Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to the President, and ask her to investigate how the Office of Public Engagement silenced the voices of exiled Americans despite the fact that they won the popular vote. You can email her at vjarrett@who.eop.gov. For more information about people living in exile in Cambodia, visit spokenkosal.com.

SISTA XTINA & EL FALCON bring us a teaser of an upcoming interview about ANTI~TRAFFICKING MOVEMENT WORK with JEAN ENRIQUEZ,
a founding member of BUKLOD WOMEN’S CENTER in the Philippines, who was selected as one of Yahoo Southeast Asia’s Heroes of 2011. Full length ANTI~TRAFFICKING interview will be presented Sunday, May 27th, 7-11pm on the API HERITAGE MONTH SPECIAL, “THE INDO~PACIFIC EDGE 2012” on KPFA~FM 94.1 (((BAY*AREA))).

KAPATID TISAYE shares impressions of the new documentary, THE ISLAND PRESIDENT, about President Mohamed Nasheed of the Maldives and the effects of Climate Change on the island nation. TICKETS to Bay Area showings will accompany the review.

SELEKTA LAPULAPU briefly reviews the new music/dance/martial arts drama, BUFFALO’ED, about AFRICAN AMERICAN SOLDIERS during the PHILIPPINE-AMERICAN WAR, and we’ll give away TICKETS to see BUFFALO’ED this weekend at the SAN JOSE STAGE COMPANY.

We will also be giving away tickets to new Pacific Islander and Asian films, screening in the SF Bay Area, including the new film about AUNG SAN SUU KYI (played by MICHELLE YEOH) called “THE LADY”!

Hosted by Selekta LapuLapu aka Bruddah K.

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