8/11/11 Never Give Up, and a Pacific Voyage

  • “Never give up,” is what the members of Bindlestiff studio, the long-time theatre group, live by. This strong constitution is what has kept them going since the closure of their space in 2003 (by San Francisco Redevelopment Agency) and gives them the strength for the final push for their landmark opening at the end of this month. Allan Manalo, Alan Quismorio, and Kat Evasco give contributor R.J., a tour of the new space on Howard and 6th in San Francisco.

  • Vaka Moana means ocean canoe, these vessels have been historically used for explorations far into deep waters by means of paddle and sail. Currently, the Pacific Voyagers are sailing down the California coastline. Along with the public, and the Pacific Islander community, Selecta Lapu-Lapu, sat with them to talk about why they’re traveling.

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