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7/7/11 Vikki Law, Tony Nguyen, and Vijay Prashad

  • Also, live in the studio, we have special guest, Tony Nguyen who will talk about his recent film “Enforcing The Silence” which investigates the story of Lam Truong Duong, a 27 year-old Vietnamese journalist and activist who was murdered in 1981. It premieres in San Francisco on Thursday, July 21. Half of the proceeds from the evening’s screening will go towards the VYDC, Vietnamese Youth Development Center founded by Lam Duong. The benefit screening will be at the Roxie Theater, 3117 16th Street, San Francisco.
  • Lastly, we bring you a talk by writer, intellectual, and activist, Vijay Prashad. He spoke at Riverside Church in New York this past May as part of a fundraiser for Critical Resistance and the Brecht Forum called “The World We Want Is The World We Need.” Special thanks to Isaac Ontiveros of Critical Resistance.

We’re your hosts, Ellen Choy, Karl Jagbandhansingh, and Marie Choi.