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12/29/2011 End of Year Harvest Show with Bay Area Gardeners and Mobile Bay Fisherpeople

Bayou La Batre,AL Photo by Eduardo Soriano-Castillo

[audio http://archives.kpfa.org/data/20111229-Thu1900.mp3]
Tonight, we bring you an end-of-year harvest show — dedicated to small and family farmers and fisherpeople around the world, from rural farmers in Asia, to backyard gardeners here in Oakland, to crabbers and shrimpers in the Gulf Coast.
  •  Ellen Choy produces a series featuring three Bay Area gardeners: Aileen Suzara, Steph Lee, and Arsenia Malinis (interviewed by her son, Armael)
  • A quick music break with creative music from the Mutual Aid Project, a trio made up of Tracy Hui, Nick Obando, and Marshall Trammell
  • A trip to Coden Alabama with Marie Choi to talk with Siripon Hall, Minh Le, and Zack Carter, crabbers and shrimpers who are organizing a seafood cooperative through the South Bay Communities Alliance.

Inspired to grow things?  Build your own salad box or table!  Or check out Bay Area resources like Garden for the Environment or Indigenous Permaculture Project to take classes and learn more.

To learn more about how people in the Gulf Coast are surviving, check out Bridge the Gulf Project.