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1/19/12 Urban Biking and “New Fire”

This week we talk about urban biking with Asian Pacific American leaders in the bike community. We also hear from Alleluia Panis and Cherríe Moraga about Moraga’s new play, New Fire: To Put Things Right Again. See below for more information.

  • We kick off the show with an interview RJ Lozada conducted with Alleluia Panis, long-time dancer and arts administrator; and award–winning writer and director, Cherríe Moraga, to talk about healing and coming of age at 52 for Moraga’s own return to the stage with New Fire: To Put Things Right Again.
  • Listen to the complete interview with Cherríe Moraga:
  • Our expert panel of bikers include Neal Patel, a community planner with the San Francisco Bike Coalition; Susan Yee, board member of Cycles of Change; Phil Segura, owner of RideSFO, a bike shop in San Francisco and organizer of the huge Bike Expo; and Liza Gesuden, co-founder of P.O.K.E.R. Familia, a people of color group ride.
  • We’ll also hear segments about SFBC’s Safe Routes to Schools with Jason Serafino-Agar; The Bikery’s night for women, trans, and gender queer folks to work on their bikes called Sugar Belly; and a vox pop from folks who attended last year’s SF Bike Expo.

Roll with us!


  • For the Lunar New Year, please join the Chinese Progressive Association and the other members of the Progressive Workers Alliance on Friday, January 20th for a full day of action, continuing the End Wage Theft campaign and Transportation for the 99%.
  • Also taking part in the Lunar New Year are the Colorful Momma’s of the 99%! The action, SHARE THE FORTUNE happening on Saturday January 21, the new meet-up location is at the Pacific Renaissance Plaza on 388 9th Street in Oakland. There will be Lion Dancing, educational happenings for the children, and an open mic for parents!
  • NJAHS hosts the exhibition, Deep Roots, New Shoots, with artwork by Richard Tokeshi, Leon Sun, Leland Wong, Sabrena Taylor, Holly Calica, Peter Yamamoto, Betty Kano, Christine Balza, Stuart Sugawara, Nancy Hom, and Fredrick Cloyd. The opening reception is Saturday, January 21, from 12-2 p.m. with an artist salon from 2-4 p.m.