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07/24/2014 – Documentary Film Makers in South Asia

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This week we feature two documentary film makers from South Asia creating media about social outliers, and social justice issues.

First we have a LIVE call in all the way from Mumbai : Anand Patwardhan is a documentary film maker based in India who’s films focus on themes such as the nuclear arms race, the treatment of dalits, and patriarchy and religion. Today he joins us on the phone to talk about media consolidation in India and how it affects our ability to disseminate information and critique the government.

Then, we’ll hear from an interview with director Saad Khan about his new movie about LGBT Pakistanis, called “Hide And Seek” and we also hear about his new upcoming project on Pakistani showgirls, that is, women on the stage and in theater.

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Hosted by Salima Hamirani

3/28/13 Labor Issues, Legacy of Partitioning, and Bambu!

Terry Valen with NAFCON and FCC

Terry Valen with NAFCON and FCC

[audio http://archives.kpfa.org/data/20130328-Thu1900.mp3]

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Tonight we have Terry Valen, president of NAFCON (National Alliance for Filipino Concerns) and director of the Filipino Community Center in San Francisco to talk about the struggle of migrant Filipino oil workers in New Orleans and the results of a fact-finding mission that was done there in February.

Emcee Bambu

Emcee Bambu

Also, Apex crew member Tara Dorabji brings us an exclusive interview with Pakistani author Bapsi Sidhwa, sharing with us the legacy of the 1947 partitioning of India.

And last but not least, L.A Filipino Hip Hop artist BAMBU joins us to reflect about his last decade in music and talk about his new work.

Community Calendar

Saturday March 30th 6pm
LAND IS LIFE: Communities Resisting Dispossession and Colonization Commemorating Palestinian Land Day

Dance, Poetry, and Speakers from different communities resisting occupation worldwide
The Women’s Building
3543 18th Street
San Francisco, CA

Friday March 29 and Saturday March 30 in SF
Bindlestiff Studio presents the World Premiere of Jeffrey Lo’s

Bindlestiff Studio 185 6th Street
TICKETS: http://sadlovestory.brownpapertickets.com/

Saturday April 13, 3-6pm
Poetry Reading: Brynn Saito, Pireeni Sundaralingam, and Debbie Yee

Eastwind Books
2066 University Avenue, Berkeley

Friday, May 31
KSW Runway: Celebrate Your Body
This alternative fashion show/underground concert/expo showcasing local APA talent in fashion, music, and art and celebrates bodies of all shapes, sizes, ages, abilities, genders, colors, and ethnicities. The event is a fundraiser for Kearny Street Workshop.

SOMArts Cultural Center: 934 Brannan Street, San Francisco

8/18/2011 “Amigo” and growing unrest over drone strikes in Pakistan

[audio http://archives.kpfa.org/data/20110818-Thu1900.mp3]
Academy Award nominated writer/director John Sayles‘ new film “AMIGO“, about the U.S. Invasion & Occupation of the Philippines, will open in the U.S. this Friday, August 19th. It has already been screening in the Philippines, where the Philippine Department of Education has recommended it to schools. Tonight on APEX EXPRESS, we’ll share an interview with the director by Selekta LapuLapu, speak with the lead actor Joel Torre on the phone, and give away TICKETS to the opening of this Philippine-American War film in San Francisco!

Also, drones or unmanned aircraft have been in use since at least since 2004 in Afghanistan, and in the tribal regions on the border of Pakistan. It is estimated that every “drone strike” kills 10-15 civilians for every 1 “suspected militant,” with some estimates from Pakistani media stating 5,000 people have already been killed by the un-manned aircraft. The U.S. government justifies this by claiming 9 out of the 20 most wanted terrorists have been killed with this technology. U.S. government has released information that so-called “stealth drones” were used in the tracking and monitoring of Bin Laden before and during the assassination mission by U.S. Navy SEALs. Tonight on Apex we’ll learn about the growing resistance in Pakistan as well as in the U.S.

1/14/10: Tariq Ali speech

This week on Apex Express, we bring you a speech by noted writer, journalist, and filmmaker Tariq Ali delivered at the Twelfth Annual Eqbal Ahmad Lecture at Hampshire College on November 17, 2009. His lecture is titled “Obama’s War in Afghanistan and Pakistan.”