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5/28/14 Will the real Modi please stand up? Making Sense of the Indian Elections

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The recent elections in India are touted to be a political and historical watershed moment. The landslide victory of the BJP, the right wing Hindu fundamentalist party caught everyone by surprise, including the BJP themselves. How do we make sense of these election results? What does it mean for a “new India”? What are the bloody histories and sordid realities underlying this victory that the Indian media and some sections of the Indian public would like us to forget, move on and start over, lured by promises of development and jobs in a post-globalized India?

Tune in at 7 pm PT to KPFA 94.1 FM  for a discussion on APEX Express, with journalist and author Dionne Bunsha, activist Biju Mathew and sociologist Shiv Visvanathan share their reflections on the Indian elections.