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2/9/12 The Mirror: Conversations on Body-Image

A photo of the community s/heroes featured in last season's lookbook. You can view more on Retrofitrepublic.com. (Photo by Shaun Tiangsing)

This week on APEX Express, we talk about our body, our health, our beauty:

  • APEX Contributors Ellen Choy and Marie Choi interview Jenny Ton and Julia Rhee, co-founders of Retrofit Republic, a sustainable, vintage retailer with the intent to challenge and expand concepts in the fashion industry and style culture.
  • APEX Contributor R.J. Lozada interviews personal trainer, Long Vo, and poet, Lorenz Mazon Damuk to address the often overlooked struggles men experience when they look in the mirror.

Founders Lisa Lee and Lynn Chen (Photo from Chen's site, theactorsdiet.wordpress.com)

  • In-studio will be Thick Dumpling Skin founders, Lisa Lee and Lynn Chen. They’re celebrating their one year anniversary of the launching of Thick Dumpling Skin as a growing community of support for those battling eating disorders.

You know the drill!

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