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12/18/14 Preemption to Cover Black Lives Matter Actions

black brunch

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Tonight, part of the APEX Express crew will forgo our regular programming to cover the recent protests in Oakland in support of Black Lives Matter. We’ll talk with two practitioners from the nationwide call for Healing Justice for Black Lives Matters event from today about the importance of healing work in movement building. We’ll also hear a quick report back from the student protest on Monday.

Finally, we make space to reflect on Monday’s visionary shutdown of the Oakland Police Department. How did this action come together? And what lessons can folks in other cities take from their experience? We’ll talk with organizers from the Black Brunch, Bay Area Solidarity Action Team, and #Asians4BlackLives.

Community Calendar
Lessons and Carols for Advent and Christmas
Saturday, December 20th, 5pm
Episcopal Church of the Incarnation
1750 – 29th Avenue, San Francisco
This musical concert features 88 Keys, an inter-generational choir of Asian Pacific Islander LGBTQ people of faith and allies that was started by the Network on Religion & Justice, and the choir of the Episcopal Church of the Incarnation. $10-$20 suggested donation. No one turned away for lack of funds. The venue is wheelchair accessible.

12/11/14 Colorization of America

coverThis Thursday, we look at the “Colorization of America.” We kick off the hour with a report from the streets, as police violence continues to spark protests across the nation. Then we go to a conversation between Jeff Chang, author of Who We Be: the Colorization of America, and Vincent Pan, the executive director of Chinese for Affirmative Action. Who We Be remixes art with protests and corporate marketing campaigns providing a cultural history of “racial progress.”

We’ll be offering Who We Be, a beautiful and insightful book, as a thank you gift for supporting KPFA.

We Stand With Ferguson

Hands Up. Don't Shoot. Oakland protests the grand jury decision. Photo by Cece Carpio

Hands Up. Don’t Shoot. Oakland protests the grand jury decision. Photo by Cece Carpio

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Here’s a sneak peak to a segment that will air on Thursday. We take you out to the streets of Oakland after the grand jury decided to not indict offer Darren  Wilson. APEXer Ellen Choy recorded this powerful interview with Movement Strategy Center’s Innovation Fellow Navina Khanna and APEXer Salima Hamarani created the beautiful mix. Why is it important for API people to be out in support of Michael Brown? As Navina says, “We only win if we’re all in this together.”

8/28/2014 – Ferguson and Urban Shield


Tonight, in solidarity with the people of Ferguson and the ongoing repression by the police, we dedicate our show to organizing and teaching which attempts to fight back against the rampant killing of young black men and women at the hands of the cops.

First, we hear from Lara Kiswani – a member of the Stop Urban Shield Oakland and Executive Director of the Arab Resource and Organizing Center – over the phone as she talks about the militarization of police right here in Oakland and how they’re planning to stop the Urban Shield Police Conference. You’ll also find out what you can do to help.

STOP Urban ShieldThen, we host a panel discussion with Cayden Mak the New Media Director from 18millionrising.org, Scot Nakagawa from change lab, and Bhavik Lathia Campaign Manager for Rapid Response at Color Of Change, on the importance of Ferguson and police brutality in the Asian and Pacific Islander community – why we should care, what we should do about racism in our own homes and spaces, how our own experiences of police/military intimidation have affected us in our motherlands and here in the US, and how we can form solidarity with our brothers and sisters.

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Special thanks to Marie Choi for interview sound and for production help.

Hosted by Salima Hamirani