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8/21/2014 Traveling to the DPRK


DPRK halmoni

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On tonight’s show, we travel to the Democratic Peoples Republic of Korea — better known here in the U.S. as North Korea.  Ellen Choy, Caitlin Kee, and Steph Lee visited the DPRK last summer as part of the Korea Exposure and Education Program (KEEP), an annual delegation of Korean American activists to both sides of Korea, one year to the north and the other to the south, to build person-to-person understanding.

DPRK w flags

We’ll feature an interview with Ellen, Caitlin, and Steph — as well as clips from a short documentary that was produced by JT Takagi, Hye-Jung Park and Chris Kang and Third World Newsreel.

Ellen and Steph are also part of Hella Organized Bay Area Koreans (HOBAK), an anti-imperialist group of diasporic Koreans here in the Bay Area.

Hosted and produced by Marie Choi.  Marie is also part of HOBAK.

2/9/12 The Mirror: Conversations on Body-Image

A photo of the community s/heroes featured in last season's lookbook. You can view more on Retrofitrepublic.com. (Photo by Shaun Tiangsing)

This week on APEX Express, we talk about our body, our health, our beauty:

  • APEX Contributors Ellen Choy and Marie Choi interview Jenny Ton and Julia Rhee, co-founders of Retrofit Republic, a sustainable, vintage retailer with the intent to challenge and expand concepts in the fashion industry and style culture.
  • APEX Contributor R.J. Lozada interviews personal trainer, Long Vo, and poet, Lorenz Mazon Damuk to address the often overlooked struggles men experience when they look in the mirror.

Founders Lisa Lee and Lynn Chen (Photo from Chen's site, theactorsdiet.wordpress.com)

  • In-studio will be Thick Dumpling Skin founders, Lisa Lee and Lynn Chen. They’re celebrating their one year anniversary of the launching of Thick Dumpling Skin as a growing community of support for those battling eating disorders.

You know the drill!

  • KPFA is in the second week of fund drive, so don’t forget to support! We’ll have tickets to offer, and other goodies, as gifts for your support for the show and the station, or call in during our show: 1-800-439-5732 or 510-848-5732, or securely online at KPFA.org.

1/26/12 Bandung 55 + API Cultural Work (Live Band in Studio!)

Tonight, we have a live band in studio on APEX Express!  Bandung 55 is a newly formed Bay Area-based funk/soul/hip hop band, made up of six Filipino activists, organizers, and musicians. They’ll bless APEX with a few live performances throughout the night, and we’ll sit down with them for intimate interviews to hear their history as a band and as organizers and ask them why art is a form of their political work.  We’ll also talk more about how API’s have used culture in historical political movements, here in the US and in our homelands – and we’ll bring back the voices of critical API political artists such as Chris Iijima and Mike Dream.  Don’t miss this show!!

MC Kiwi and Guitarist Paul Bolick of Bandung 55 (photo by Vay Hoang)

Bandung 55:
MC Kiwi (vocals)
Paul Bolick (bass guitar)
Armael Malinis (keyboard)
Jay Conui (drummer)
Tony Daquipa (percussions)
Ervin Lopez (lead guitar)

Hosted by Ellen Choy.


  • Decolonize Jeju: Jam Docu Kangjung Bay Area Premiere this Friday, Jan 27th @ Eastside Arts Alliance. Join Hella Organized Bay Area Koreans (HOBAK) for the Bay Area premiere of a series of short films by independent filmmakers about people’s struggles against the construction of a military base on Jeju Island. Including interviews with allied groups on anti-militarism work in other countries and in the US, valentine resistance grams, live performance, food, drinks and more!

12/29/2011 End of Year Harvest Show with Bay Area Gardeners and Mobile Bay Fisherpeople

Bayou La Batre,AL Photo by Eduardo Soriano-Castillo

[audio http://archives.kpfa.org/data/20111229-Thu1900.mp3]
Tonight, we bring you an end-of-year harvest show — dedicated to small and family farmers and fisherpeople around the world, from rural farmers in Asia, to backyard gardeners here in Oakland, to crabbers and shrimpers in the Gulf Coast.
  •  Ellen Choy produces a series featuring three Bay Area gardeners: Aileen Suzara, Steph Lee, and Arsenia Malinis (interviewed by her son, Armael)
  • A quick music break with creative music from the Mutual Aid Project, a trio made up of Tracy Hui, Nick Obando, and Marshall Trammell
  • A trip to Coden Alabama with Marie Choi to talk with Siripon Hall, Minh Le, and Zack Carter, crabbers and shrimpers who are organizing a seafood cooperative through the South Bay Communities Alliance.

Inspired to grow things?  Build your own salad box or table!  Or check out Bay Area resources like Garden for the Environment or Indigenous Permaculture Project to take classes and learn more.

To learn more about how people in the Gulf Coast are surviving, check out Bridge the Gulf Project.

12/22/2011 API Hip Hop with Beatrock Music

[audio http://archives.kpfa.org/data/20111222-Thu1900.mp3]

Ellen Choy (DJ LN), RJ Lozada, and Selekta Lapu-Lapu bring us interviews and music from Beatrock Music’s 2nd Anniversary Celebration.  Featuring Bambu, Bandung 55, Counterparts, Fatgums, Geo Logic (aka Prometheus Brown), Native Guns, Otayo Dubb, Power Struggle, and Rocky Rivera.

12/8/11 Labor Leader Elmer Labog, Decolonize Oakland, and Nomi

Ellen Choy brings us her exclusive interview with Elmer Labog, prominent labor leader from the Philippines. Then, we have highlights from the discussion about a proposal to change the name of Occupy Oakland to Decolonize Oakland produced by Karl Jagbandhansingh. And finally, we are joined live in the studio by Nomi, who is part of the hip hop group Power Struggle and an organizer with the Filipino Community Center. He’ll be talking with Marie Choi about his music and his organizing, and the upcoming Beatrock Anniversary Party.

Songs and video featured in tonight’s show include:

Highlights from the Decolonize Oakland discussion at the General Assembly

Decolonize Oakland – Antithesis Crew

Blood of My Heart – Power Struggle

Lookin Up – Prometheus Brown and Bambu

Mr. Sagittarius – Power Struggle

03 Mr. Sagittarius…A Proletarian Path To Enlightenment.mp3

We also have some concert tickets which we’ll be giving away later in tonight’s show, thanks to the San Francisco Arts Commission. We’ll be giving away two pairs of tickets to next week’s Colors of Christmas Concert featuring Filipina Broadway musical legend Lea Salonga.

Hosted by Marie Choi and Karl Jagbandhansingh.

11/17/11 Occupy Wall Street coverage

Screenshot of video of Ellen's acceptance speech at the Mario Savio Young Activist Awards

On this two month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, Marie Choi produces another amazing piece on Occupy Movements with coverage from Monday’s raid in Oakland; the movement to halt the deportation of Pancho (with tape direct from the press conference after his release); and the Mario Savio Young Activist Awards at OccupyCal, which went to Christsna Sot, Josh Healey, and Apex’s own Ellen Choy!

9/1/11 AYPAL Youth Leaders Speak On OUSD Ethnic Studies Campaign

On APEX Express tonight:

It’s back-to-school season for most Bay Area students – so tonight we hear about a fierce campaign to transform the Oakland school district!  We have a full-length interview with the incredible voices of AYPAL youth leaders!  9 API youth organizers, making up the AYPAL Campaign Organizing Team, joined us in the studio to talk about their current campaign to fight to include Ethnic Studies in the Oakland Unified School District.  They speak on their work, how they got involved, and how they’re already winning successes on a completely youth-led campaign.  Also, their AYPAL adult coordinator – Armael Malinis – joins us live to give us the latest updates and tell us how to get involved.  Plus, some exciting musical selections.

Hosted by Ellen Choy.

4/7/11 Police Brutality in Oakland; Hopie Spitshard

This week we bring you another packed show featuring powerful community voices:
Police Brutality in Oakland: While we continue to heal from the murder of Oscar Grant, Oakland youth of color continue to be targeted by racial profiling and police brutality. This week we bring you a dynamic interview with Sarn Saechao, a Mien youth and high school student and member of AYPAL, to speak on his experience with racial profiling, his thoughts on the Oakland gang injunctions and what him and other Oakland API youth are doing to combat injustices in their hood. Also, we bring you sounds from February’s “People’s Hearing on Racism and Police Violence,” featuring community leaders Eddy Zheng and Rachel Jackson.

Hopie Spitshard: We sat down for a special interview with Hopie Spitshard, a young hip hop artist originally from the Philippines and San Francisco-raised. As the inaugural segment of a series we’ll be collecting of interviews with API womyn in hip hop, this week we bring you an intimate look at who Hopie Spitshard is, and what has inspired her to blaze through hip hop’s boundaries and stay grounded by family, culture and what’s real.

Community Calendar:

From Thursday, April 7 to Saturday, April 9, Yerba Buena Center for the Arts presents Samoan choreographer Lemi Ponfasio’s Tempest Without a Body. www.ybca.org

On Friday, April 8 and Saturday, April 9, Karl Evangelista and the Grex Quintet perform their special blend of jazz at the Bayanihan Community Center in San Francisco. http://www.facebook.com/event.php?eid=172259806154392

On Saturday, April 9, author Cecilia Gaerlan reads from her debut novel, In Her Mother’s Image.  Her book chronicles the story of a family’s ordeal during World War II in the Philippines and the fall of Bataan.  www.asiabookcenter.com

Sunday, April 10, join the Bay Area Committee to Stop FBI Repression’s contingent at the anti-war rally in Dolores Park, and call-in on April 12 to support activists like Anh Pham in resisting the FBI’s harassment of activists.  www.stopfbi.net

Next Thursday, April 14, four Asian American rock bands perform at the Submission Gallery in San Francisco for Ring the Alarm, a benefit for communities in the Philippines. Entry is $5-8.

Women for Genuine Security screen Living Along the Fenceline, a film featuring the stories of 7 women who live alongside US military bases, on Thursday, April 14. http://www.genuinesecurity.org/actions/livingalongfenceline.html

On Saturday, April 16, API musicians, dancers, and performers come together for Japan Restart, a benefit concert for the Northern Japan Earthquake Relief Fund.  japanrestart.eventbrite.com

3/3/11 Hawaii – A Voice for Sovereignty

This week, as a premium for a pledge of $60, we’re featuring the ground-breaking documentary DVD “Hawaii – A Voice for Sovereignty,” by award-winning director Catherine Bauknight, telling the real story and issues facing Native Hawaiians.

“Hawaii – A Voice for Sovereignty” is a documentary film by photojournalist Catherine Bauknight that explores the culture of the Native Hawaiians and their connection to the land. At the forefront of the film are social, economic, and ecological issues that have developed in Hawaii since the takeover by the U.S. in 1893, revealed in interviews with grassroots indigenous people and scholars such as author, Haunani-Kay Trask.

With Hosts Ellen Choy and Karl Jagbandhansingh.

Produced by Karl Jagbandhansingh.