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2/11/10 US Census, Citizens Redistricting Commission, and Day of Remembrance

This week on Apex Express, Sirch Chanthyasack and Sonny Le join us to discuss the upcoming US Census and why it is critical for APIs to be counted.

Also, Carlo De La Cruz of the Asian Law Caucus talks about the new Citizens Redistricting Commission and the need for API’s to apply by the newly extended deadline of February 16, 2010.

We’ll have an update from Jill Shiraki of Preserving California’s Japantowns about the upcoming Day of Remembrance commemoration taking place Feb 21, 2010. The theme this year is “Dreams Interrupted, Dreams Fulfilled” and it marks 68 years from the date Franklin Roosevelt signed Executive Order 9066.

And, Tia and Frankie Legoski join us to talk about Journey to Motherland a Korean Amerasian unification trip to Korea in collaboration with AmerasianUnityFoundation, HalfKorean.com, and HAAUSA.