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Obama, Bobby, Randy’s (Records)

Obama and BJ.  Can you believe? I do. The Good Ole Boys are putting up Bobby Jindal to face off against the favorite Barack Obama. (Waitin for the browns to fail?)  Obama’s callin for trimming the fat. The Greasy & Bloated jumpin into jets, flyin off with our money, bonus booty stolen away, hidden in accounts (over 52,000 of em?  Swiss banks are sweating), greasin their palms in wars as we wait in the Superdome that’s America post 9-11. Jindal represents. Said he may turn down Federal aid. OK.  Should Apex interview him before he sinks along with sagging levees?

On a higher note, we’re celebratin Obama’s steps to higher ground with music–Caribbean.  Randy’s Records was a gathering place for musicians with countrymen and city folk coming to Kingston to shop for music, record records… Talking to Clive Chin, son of Vincent and Miss Patricia Chin founders of VP Records, brought it all to life. VP Records – a major distributor of Jamaican music – is still sellin and spinnin wax at their shop in Jamaica, (Queens NY)……Hear it all on Apex this week and next….

Chutney music is also on the Apex audio menu this Thurs. A mix of Soca and So. Asian sounds, it’s outta a Trinidad-Tobago. Had a hard time tryin to find out about it out here in the US West, but (thank you David McBurney & Amit), finally caught up with Rikki Jai. And the band played on…G