4/12/18 Changemakers




Tonight on Apex Express, the Powerleegirls speak with Changemakers. APAs who are kicking it up for more political access, food for all and storytelling. We talk with Jenn from Reappropriate about the largest number of APA candidates ever. We learn from Sita Bhumak from the People’s Kitchen Collective as she preps for the big Kearny Street Anniversary Celebration and we talk to filmmaker Bing Liu.

This mother daughter team of Miko Lee and Jalena Keane-Lee will also chat about current events and some of the films at the San Francisco Film Fest.

More info about Equal Pay Day.
Support a great cause and eat amazing food. Sita Bhaumik announces the release of more dessert tickets for Thursday’s April 19th Kearny Street Workshop event.
And People’s Kitchen Collective’s Kitchen Remedies project is up for the next week at this exhibition in Oakland.

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