Punk Band Aye Nako Hits the Bay Area

Aye Nako’s new album, Silver Haze.

Click here to download audio.

Formed in 2010, Aye Nako is a queer punk band. This four-piece include art, music and politics into their work. They want to create a space where those who fall in the margins feel OK about being themselves.

Last month Aye Nako released their second full-length album, Silver Haze. APEXer Mari Nakagawa talked with Mars Dixon, who plays guitar and sings. They talked about their experience being queer, trans, Black, and Filipino in the largely white-dominated pop punk DIY scene. Originally from Arkansas, Mars lived for a short time in Oakland and is now based out of Brooklyn. Aye Nako is on the road for their tour, so she spoke with Mars via Skype.

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