11/26/15 No Thanks! My Heroes Have Always Killed Colonizers

Download the audio by clicking here.
APEX Express has created a tradition for Thankstaking Day where we take you back to Center for Political Education‘s annual My Heroes Have Always Killed Colonizers event from Indigenous People’s Day, and this year, we keep it up. We celebrate these resisters to colonization with words and music from L
J. Theo (Decolonized Pinoy Poetry) (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gDRP6n9NoUI), Needa Bee (Spoken Word), Maya Chinchilla (Spoken Word) (https://youtu.be/eC6yYesasaY), C Rhythm (Palestinian Rapper), and Alia Sharrief (Wombyn Muslim Rapper) (https://youtu.be/QZJub-2fYho). Plus, this year’s honoree, Leila Khaled visits us via Skype!

Thanks to Rob Marquez for helping with tonight’s show. Photos by Andy Blue.

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