10/15/15 Defending Mauna Kea, 3rd i South Asian Film Festival Spotlight, and more

Tune into APEX Express on KPFA  every Thursday at 7 pm. On Thursday, October 15 we talk with community advocate Davis Price about the ongoing resistance to defend the sacred mountain of Mauna Kea on the Big Island of Hawaii. Then, we continue our coverage on the Syrian refugee crisis in conversation with Southeast Asian refugees. We go to Kashmir—the most densely militarized land on earth–and talk with advocates about recent police brutality and allegations of sexual violence perpetrated by the police in the city of Poonch. Plus find out about exciting feminist films at this year’s 3rd i South Asian Film Festival happening in San Francisco from Oct 22-25 and in Palo Alto on Nov 1. We have all that and more—tune in to APEX Express on KPFA, bringing you an Asian and Asian American view from the bay and around the world. This week’s show was hosted and produced by Tara Dorabji, Momo Chang and Preeti Shekar.

Tay Hoang




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