6/18/15 Vaccination and SB277

SB277This Thursday on APEX Express we’ll delve into the controversy surrounding California’s proposed Bill SB277 that would force parents to home school their children if they do not follow rigid vaccine guidelines. We’ll get an API parent and pediatrician perspective about how this bill limits parents’ rights to make medical decisions for their children. During the hour, we’ll also be in conversation with Dr. Shiv Chopra and Dr. Sin Hang Lee about vaccine safety and discuss how different nations around the world approach safeguarding public health.

Want to join the conversation? During the show, we’ll be responding to listeners’ questions from APEX Express‘ and KPFA‘s Facebook page—let us know what you are thinking!

Tune into APEX Express every Thursday night at 7 pm (pacific) on KPFA, 94.1 or www.kpfa.org.

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