Suite J-Town: The Art of Resilience

mandalaSuite J-Town: The Art of Resilience is a multidisciplinary, intercultural, multigenerational, site-specific series of performance events celebrating the history of San Francisco Japantown, created and conceived by Brenda Wong Aoki and Mark Izu of First Voice.

The project reminds us of San Francisco Japantown’s history as the first of four remaining J-towns in the U.S. and inspires stewardship into the future.

If you’re inspired to get involved with the future of J-town, visit Since 2001, the Japantown Task Force has been developing the Japantown Cultural Heritage and Economic Sustainability Strategy, which looks holistically at San Francisco’s Japantown to support and sustain this cultural community. This includes engaging the community with making decisions, developing a land trust to preserve some of the properties that are in private hands, and improving the Peace Plaza and Buchanan mall to make them truly useable by the community.

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