3/12/15 Film, Art, and Music

A Place of Her Own installation.

A Place of Her Own installation.

Download the audio by clicking here

Tonight we’ll discuss the film India’s Daughter, documenting the brutal Delhi gang rape of a young woman who was killed from the attack. India banned the film, which goes into the jails to interview one of the perpetrators.

Then, we’ll be in conversation with the director of A Place of Her Own, an arts and healing residency for Asian American women. Asian American women between the ages of 12-24 and over 65 years have the highest suicide rate, while being the lowest users of mental health services. A Place of Her Own was designed as culturally responsive effort to move women from trauma to healing.

Yesterday, marked the four-year anniversary of the Fukushima disaster, which caused the meltdown of nuclear reactors. We’ll go to Fukushima and hear about the continued contamination and cover-up.

On a bit more of an upbeat note we’ll be talking to organizers of SKIN an Oakland party founded on the belief that music is a medicine that can harmonize us.

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