Hong Kong’s Democracy Movement

Hong Kong Umbrella Revoultion. Photo by  Alex Leung.

Hong Kong Umbrella Revolution. Photo by Alex Leung.

Download the audio by clicking here
Protesters with Hong Kong’s democracy movement are calling people back out to the streets today, after the government canceled talks with the Hong Kong Federation of Students.

For the past two weeks, democracy movement protesters have been camped out outside government headquarters in the financial district and at various tourist and shopping destinations.  They’re calling for representative democracy (one person, one vote), an end to the system of functional constituencies, and the resignation of Hong Kong’s Chief Executive Leung Chun Ying.

APEX contributor Marie Choi talks with Sophia Chan.  She’s a member of Left 21, one of the groups participating in Hong Kong’s democracy movement.  They see democracy as an important step toward addressing social problems in one of the world’s most unequal cities.

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