6/19/14 The Rise of Entrepreneurship: Trends, Tips, and Real Talk

Download the show by clicking here.

Screen Shot 2014-06-17 at 11.21.40 AMAccording to the U.S. Census Bureau 22.5 million people in this country are self employed, and the percentage of adults starting a new business venture hit an all time high in 2012. A closer look at the statistics shows that women of color and immigrants are a big catalyst behind this growth. Tonight we’ll look at these trends, as well as provide practical tips for You, our APEX listeners. In studio we’ll have an exciting lineup of experts and entrepreneurs including Bay Area authors Meg Mateo Ilasco and Cat Seto, authors of “Mom, Inc” to share their tips for the DIY economy, and how to make your creative passion your livelihood. The second half of the show we’ll be talking with a panel of local Asian American business owners who have toiled behind the scenes to launch three successful enterprises that also position community building and social consciousness as core to their business models. Cafe Gabriela: Penny Baldado Back to the Roots: Siddharth Sanghvi 25th St. Collective: Hiroko Kurihawa We’ll be taking calls from YOU, our listeners, to get advice from our experts. The number to call in is 510-848-4425! And we’ll also be looking at why NOW and why the Bay Area. How can local business drive a healthy economy, create jobs, and hold social justice at its core?

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