1/9/14 Violence Against Women, Patriarchy, and Sexism in India

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Tune in to APEX Express’ spotlight on India tonight – in the aftermath of the heinous gang rape in Delhi in December 2012, more than a year ago now, there was an explosion of media and public outrage against pervasive violence against women. But these incidents seem to continue unabated – most recently with the gangrape and murder of a 16 year old girl in Kolkota, India.

  • What are the linkages between violence, class, poverty, labor and globalization?
  • What is the media’s responsibility in covering and challenging violence that seems to be an everyday reality in India and in other South Asian countries?
  • What is the role of the South Asian diaspora in engaging with these issues and challenging patriarchy and sexism within their own communities in the US and not disregard it as violence that happens “elsewhere”?

Hear excerpts from a talk by noted feminist activist Kavita Krishnan  when she visited the Center for South Asia Studies at U.C. Berkeley recently, and a live interview with feminist journalist Kalpana Sharma who is here at U.C. Berkeley’s journalism school this semester. Plus poetry, community calendar and more.

KK kalpana sharma

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