6/27/13 Moana Nui 2013

[audio http://archives.kpfa.org/data/20130627-Thu1900.mp3]

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This week, APEX Contributor Karl Jagbandhansingh brings us more from the Moana Nui 2013 Teach In. Speaker Bios below (generated from Moana Nui conference).

Michelle ChanEconomic Policy Program Director, Friends of the Earth

Michelle Chan directs Friends of the Earth’s Economic Policy Program, which seeks to reform international trade, federal tax and spending policies to promote more environmentally and socially just economies. The program also holds banks and international financial institutions accountable for the environmental and social impacts of their financing activities. She has over 15 years of experience in environmental finance and has led Friends of the Earth’s Green Investments project, which engages in shareholder activism, promotes corporate environmental disclosure, provides outreach to financial analysts, and works with major banks to develop environmental management systems.

Jerry ManderFounder, Distinguished Fellow, International Forum on Globalization

Prior to his role at IFG, Jerry Mander was program director for the Foundation for Deep Ecology, and executive director o the Public Media Center,  a non-profit public interest advertising and public relations agency. In the 1960s, Mander was president of a major San Francisco advertising company before turning his talents to environmental campaigns that kept dams out of the Grand Canyon, established Redwood National Park, and stopped production of the Supersonic Transport, as well as numerous anti-war campaigns.

Jim Shultz, Founder, Executive Director, The Democracy Center

Jim is a native of President Richard Nixon’s hometown, Whittier, California. He later wisely migrated to UC Berkeley to obtain his undergraduate degree in political science (a not especially wise major, however). Jim spent the next two decades working in California politics, as staff to the California Legislature, and as an advocate with California Common Cause and Consumers Union. He also made two detours from California, one to earn a master’s degree at Harvard and the second to relocate with his family to Cochabamba, Bolivia in 1998. They stayed. As executive director of the Democracy Center, Jim has worked with citizen activists on five continents, written and edited three books which you should read, and done his level best to make sure David beats Goliath as often as possible.

Anuradha Mittal, Founder and Executive Director, Oakland Institute

Anuradha Mittal is an internationally renowned expert on trade, development, human rights, and agriculture issues, and leader of global movement against land-grabbing and resource-raiding, especially on indigenous lands. Recipient of several awards, Mittal was named as Most Valuable Thinker in 2008 by the Nation magazine. More recently, the Institute under Anuradha’s leadership unveiled land investment deals in Africa, which revealed a disturbing pattern of a lack of transparency, fairness, and accountability. See their website, www.oaklandinstitute.org


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