3/14/13: Deepa Mehta, Mira Nair, Pushpa Iyer, Raymond Aycock

This week:

[audio http://archives.kpfa.org/data/20130314-Thu1900.mp3]

Download the show here.

CAAM Fest is here!

Formerly the San Francisco International Asian American Film Festival, the revamped CAAM Fest is a celebration of food, music, and, of course, films. Thursday night’s opening film is Linsanity, and the program over the next 10 days looks to be exciting.

Contributor Preeti Mangala Shekar brings us interviews with two influential filmmakers Mira Nair, and Deepa Mehta.

This year, Mira Nair brings The Reluctant Fundamentalist to CAAM Fest:

Deepa Mehta renders Salman Rusdie’s Midnight’s Children to the screen:

This is a scan of a photograph taken by me during the Communal riots on Ahmedabad in February/March 2002. The photo shows the skyline of Ahmedabad filled with smoke as buildings are set on fire. (Wikimedia Commons)

We talk to Professor Pushpa Iyer of the Monterey Institute of International Studies, and her student Raymond Aycock about a recent trip they undertook to the western Indian state of Gujarat to investigate the real story behind the most modern state in India.


Bay Area Solidarity Summer, or BASS, is hosting its 3rd annual summer leadership camp to develop future South Asian American activists and changemakers. Over five days in July, participants will explore social justice issues, meet artists and activists, get introduced to South Asian American history, and learn organizing and leadership skills.

Find out more about Bay Area Solidarity Summer, which participants call “inspiring” and “lifechanging,” at www.solidaritysummer.org. Apply by March 31 for first priority.

This Saturday, join the Arab Cultural and Community Center or ACCC, for our 6th Annual Bay Area Arab Women’s Conference at the San Francisco Public Library in downtown San Francisco–a unique grassroots Arab women’s conference produced by and for Arab women!

This year, panelists and performers from across the world will present on such topics as how Arab women move beyond colonial, orientalist, and Arab nationalist definitions of Arab womanhood; how to recognize diversity and challenge racism and ethnocentricism across the Arab world and diaspora; and how to lead more holistically healthy lives.

For more information please visit their website arabculturalcenter.org.

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