11/8/12 2012 Elections Recap Local, National, and International Perspectives


Purple States by DJ Cousin Cole

[audio  http://archives.kpfa.org/data/20121108-Thu1900.mp3%5D

Click here to download the episode

APEX Contributor Marie Choi got on the phone with organizers and residents from around the Bay Area to bring us a highlights this week’s local races in Oakland, San Francisco, and Berkeley, and highlights from the elections.

We hear from Jen-Mei Wu of Liberating Ourselves Locally, Timmy Lu of the Asian Pacific Environmental Network, and Ener Chiu from the East Bay Asian Local Development Corporation on statewide propositions and local Oakland races; Barnali Ghosh, one of the hosts of the Berkeley South Asian Radical History Walking Tour on Prop S and the Berkeley elections; and Emily Lee from the Chinese Progressive Association and Julia Wong from HERE Local 2 on the results of the San Francisco elections.

APEX Contributor Preeti Mangala Shekar talks with South Asian activist and Hyphen correspondent Nadia Hussain about the national implications of an Obama win.

APEX Contributor R.J. Lozada talks with Bobby Tuazon, Evita Jimenez, an Dr. Manalastas from the Center for People Empowerment in Governance (CenPEG), sponsored by BAYAN USA, who traveled from the Philippines to talk about Philippine voting and share some observations about U.S. voting just days before the elections.

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