7/26/12 Aoki (Rebroadcast), Word to Your Motherland, Eddy Zheng on Pralith Pralourng

On this week:

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It’s summer fund drive, here are the numbers: 1-800-439-5732 or 1-510-848-5732, or online at kpfa.org. We rebroadcast an excerpt of an interview that Nonogirl did with author Diane Fujino about her book Samurai Among Panthers: Richard Aoki. We’re offering the book as a thank you gift if you donate $50. We’re also offering Ben Wang and Mike Cheng’s documentary Aoki if you donate $60.


Graphic by Nisha Sembi

Joining us in the studio are Nisha Sembi and Mandeep Sethi from Word to your Motherland which, as we mentioned, is an art show and performance exploring hip hop in India. Their closing night is August 3rd at the Betti Ono gallery, so we wanted to invite them into the studio to talk about their show and also help us understand what’s going on in India in relation to the emergence of hip hop, primarily in the “slums.” Check out more of their works here:

On Wednesday, July 18th, Pralith Pralourg, aged 32 attacked a co-worker with a box cutter at the San Francisco Tcho chocolate factory, where both men were employed. Pralourg fled the scene. San Francisco Police Department caught up with him. According to early media reports, SFPD ordered Pralourg to drop the box cutter. He didn’t. He allegedly lunged at an officer, whom subsequently shot Pralourng twice. In the chest. Pralourng was taken to SF General, doctors there could not save him.
I spoke with Eddy Zheng, organizer and coordinator with Community Youth Center, and Asian Prisoner Support Committee was at SF General to gather some of his thoughts on the incident.
Community Calendar
This Friday night, help send Anakbayan East Bay and their allies to an Exposure trip to the Philippines scheduled in December. You can help by joining AB East Bay for Happy Hour at the Buck Tavern in San Francisco. $5 – $10 at the door.
If you want to stay on this side of the bridge, join Ukulenny, a regular on APEX, at the Sumo Grub for a quick ukulele lesson and an open mic! The event starts around 6 and goes till around 10.

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