5/3/12 Spring Fund Drive: Grace Lee Boggs on CD & Valerie Soe’s “The Chinese Gardens”

Spring fund drive is here! That means we need YOU – our community – to get on the phones tonight (510-848-5732 OR 1-800-439-5732) to call in and show your support for APEX by donating whatever amount you can!  We have two AWESOME giveaways tonight:

Exclusive CD’s of the recording from Grace Lee Bogg’s special event in SF Chinatown in March 2012!  Chinese Progressive Association (CPA) and others hosted Grace for a special event in March, including poignant speeches from Grace herself, discussion with Scott Kurashige (co-author of Grace’s book ….) and Alex Tom (Executive Director of CPA), and great music & poetry performances.  On APEX tonight, hear sounds from that CD and call-in to donate and get a copy of this CD as your thank you.

The Chinese Progressive Association with Grace Lee Boggs in March 2012.
Photo credit: The Boggs Center 

Also, we have two (ONLY two!) pairs of tickets to this weekend’s screening of Professor Valerie Soe’s latest short documentary film – The Chinese Gardens.  A film about the forgotten Chinatown of Port Townsend, Washington and discrimination against Chinese immigrants – The Chinese Gardens is debuting across the country, so call-in tonight to get yoru tickets to a special SF screening!  And tune-in to hear our interview with the filmmaker about her journey in making film, and what she discovered making this documentary.

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