1/5/12 Reflecting Back on 2011

BAYAN USA marching to the Oakland Port during the General Strike

Tonight, we bring you a special 2011 year-in-review show featuring:

  • Eddy Zheng and youth from Community Youth Center
  • Reflection on the Tōhoku earthquake and tsunami with updates on the floods in Thailand and the typhoon in the Philippines
  • Ellen Choy talking about the Occupy Movement, with a focus on the Bay Area
  • Alex Tom of the Chinese Progressive Association, taking about Occupy, what Ed Lee’s mayoral win means to the Chinese community, and the unrest seen in Wukan, China
  • Continued discrimination against the Muslim American community in New York and on the media
  • An update with Anh Pham, her grand jury trial, and her response to the NDAA of 2012
  • Lisa Chen of Asian Law Caucus talking about the California Dream Act and what campaigns they’ll work on in 2012
  • Bernadette Ellorin of BAYAN USA looks at the issuance of the arrest warrant for former General Jovito Palparan and the calling of former president Gloria Macapagal Arroyo to trial for human rights abuses
  • Matthew Ledesma‘s commentary which challenges Manny Pacquiao‘s masculinity
  • National Film Society, a new media studio co-founded by filmmakers Patrick Epino and Stephen Dypiangco in Los Angeles
  • And Irene Kao, executive director of Hyphen, talks about  independent media and its important role in challenging what the mainstream has put forth including Tiger Mom and Wesley Yang’s interpretation of Asian male-ness

Whew! Tune in!

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