12/8/11 Labor Leader Elmer Labog, Decolonize Oakland, and Nomi

Ellen Choy brings us her exclusive interview with Elmer Labog, prominent labor leader from the Philippines. Then, we have highlights from the discussion about a proposal to change the name of Occupy Oakland to Decolonize Oakland produced by Karl Jagbandhansingh. And finally, we are joined live in the studio by Nomi, who is part of the hip hop group Power Struggle and an organizer with the Filipino Community Center. He’ll be talking with Marie Choi about his music and his organizing, and the upcoming Beatrock Anniversary Party.

Songs and video featured in tonight’s show include:

Highlights from the Decolonize Oakland discussion at the General Assembly

Decolonize Oakland – Antithesis Crew

Blood of My Heart – Power Struggle

Lookin Up – Prometheus Brown and Bambu

Mr. Sagittarius – Power Struggle

03 Mr. Sagittarius…A Proletarian Path To Enlightenment.mp3

We also have some concert tickets which we’ll be giving away later in tonight’s show, thanks to the San Francisco Arts Commission. We’ll be giving away two pairs of tickets to next week’s Colors of Christmas Concert featuring Filipina Broadway musical legend Lea Salonga.

Hosted by Marie Choi and Karl Jagbandhansingh.

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