11/17/11 Occupy Wall Street coverage

Screenshot of video of Ellen's acceptance speech at the Mario Savio Young Activist Awards

On this two month anniversary of Occupy Wall Street, Marie Choi produces another amazing piece on Occupy Movements with coverage from Monday’s raid in Oakland; the movement to halt the deportation of Pancho (with tape direct from the press conference after his release); and the Mario Savio Young Activist Awards at OccupyCal, which went to Christsna Sot, Josh Healey, and Apex’s own Ellen Choy!

One response to “11/17/11 Occupy Wall Street coverage

  1. I would like Marie Choi to contact me immediately regarding what I consider the scoop of the year with regard to OCCUPY*. aptosnews@gmail.com. — Richard in solidarity *With reference to labor article on ZNet today

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