11/17/11 Occupy Oakland/Cal, Mr. Hyphen, and Asians Moving Power

This week we feature a sound montage of the latest Occupy Wall Street activities including Monday’s raid in Oakland, the movement to halt the deportation of Pancho, and the Mario Savio Young Activist Awards at OccupyCal, which went to Christsna Sot, Josh Healey, and Apex’s own Ellen Choy!

Professor Valerie Soe and a student in her Asian American Community Arts Workshop at San Francisco State University join us to talk about their culminating event, Asians Moving Power.

2011 Mr. Hyphen Terry Park. Photo by Dianne de Guzman.

And we talk with Terry Park, the recently crowned Mr. Hyphen, and Melissa Hung, founding editor of the premier magazine on Asian America.


  • On Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, check out FOX AND JEWEL at Dance Mission in San Francisco. This is a performance about a humble mochi-shop owner who takes on a greedy developer in Japantown told through jazz, poetry, animation and live action. Featuring taiko artist/dancer/choreographer Melody Takata, poet and writer Ravi Chandra, actor/comedian Todd Nakagawa, and more.
  • On Saturday, Manilatown Heritage Foundation hosts Komiks Expo 2011, a comic book convention to showcase Filipino and API artists in cartoon, comic book, and graphic novel. Feature special guest, Whilce Portacio, from Marvel Comics.
  • Friday, December 2, catch Asians Moving Power, a compilation of activism and art in the American Asian community at the International Hotel Manilatown Center.

2 responses to “11/17/11 Occupy Oakland/Cal, Mr. Hyphen, and Asians Moving Power

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  2. Very cool. Nice to see a video in which we hear an asiam voice on the Occupy Wall Street movement. The singer’s name is simply MAKANA. I believe he is part asian and part caucasian. Good song in the grand folk tradition!

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