4/21/11 Japan’s Nuclear Power and Ethnic Minorities, Plus Emcee Senbei

Tonight, we offer a critical look at what is happening in Japan.

We talk with Hiroshi Fukurai, a professor at UC Santa Cruz in Sociology. He’s originally from Sendai, the epicenter of the monstrous 9.0 earthquake last month, and where many of his family still reside. He talks with us about the nuclear power system in Japan, the Tokyo Electric Power Company’s heavy hand on the media, and Japan’s recent passage of an internet surveillance act.

Also, Haruki Eda with the Japan Multicultural Relief Fund talks with us about an overlooked population in Japan, the ethnic minorities. We explore how they have fared through the disaster and what  some of the challenges have been accessing relief aid. To make donations, visit www.jprn.org.

For National Poetry Month, we welcome poet and emcee, Colin Masashi Ehara, aka “Senbei.”

And finally, Jason Jong talks with us about We Are One Island, a Japan relief concert and auction taking place at the Oakland Asian Cultural Center this Saturday. Performers include Senbei, Purple Moon Dance Project, and Dirty Boots, among others and it will be emceed by Kara Tsuboi with the Oakland A’s.

Community Calendar
Fundraiser for Second Harvest Japan: On Saturday, April 23 at 2 p.m., 21 artists contribute their artworks for sale to raise funds for disaster relief efforts by Japan’s first and largest food bank, Second Harvest Japan. The lively fundraiser will be at Manilatown Heritage Foundation, 868 Kearny Street, San Francisco.

Record Release for Kawika Alfiche: Later that evening at 7 p.m., Hawaiian musician Kawika Alfiche performs at his record release party in South San Francisco. Kale’a, his second album, includes heartwarming eclectic music that will take you on an enchanting journey of love. Intramuros Music Hall, 101 Brentwood Dr, South San Francisco. Cover charge $10.00. CD’s will be available at a special price this evening only. Call to rsvp 650-588-1091.

We Are One Island: An evening of honoring, remembrance and hope, We Are One Island will be emcee’d by Kara Tsuboi (Oakland A’s). Offerings from the stage include performances by Marina Fukushima (Kunst-Stoff), Purple Moon Dance Project, Shirley Muramoto and Brian Wong, Michael Sasaki, Maze Daiko, RyuQ Murasaki Daiko, Asian Crisis, Sushi Cal Band, Dirty Boots, and Hip-Hop/Spoken Word artist, Coli “Senbei” Ehara.  A silent auction will feature selected, original works by many well-known folks from the API arts community.

Asian Law Caucus Dinner: The Asian Law Caucus holds their 39th Anniversary Dinner on April 29 at the Marriot Marquis in San Francisco. Show your support for the nationa’s first legal and civil rights organization serving low-income Asian Pacific American communities.

Join Us: Apex is calling on you! Do you want to be part of a dynamic team of reporters, activists, and DJs? Join our crew. We’re also looking for independent Asian American musicians to share your tunes with us. Give us your beats, your demos, your experimentations. Email us at apexexpress@kpfa.org

One response to “4/21/11 Japan’s Nuclear Power and Ethnic Minorities, Plus Emcee Senbei

  1. Peggy Pollard, Santa Cruz

    Good interview, very enlightening as to the sad situation of Japanese suppression of freedom of the press, preventing exposure of the neglect and mishandling of the nuclear reactors malfunctions in the tsunami nuclear disaster in Japan and TEPCO’s shameful use of minority poor laborers to rescue and save the plants and protect the Japanese population. I agree with Professor Fukurai’s very important urging for our societies to look for better ways to fuel our civilizations’ needs by looking for better energy sources, especially given the chronic mishandling of such a dangerous invention.
    Suppression of the truth is never the answer to what we need. Freedom of the media is vital to all our good. Thank you for covering this.

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