6/24/10 APA Food Entrepreneurs, Chink Monkey, and LGBT Pride

Sweedeedee Jerkey, Socola Chocolatier, Adobo Hobo, with Nonogirl and Miss Renee


The Bay Area is a food-lover’s paradise. Fresh produce is easily accessible, world-class chefs abound, and entrepreneurial foodies have found themselves embraced by adventurous eaters. Thursday night, we’ll hear from Jason Rotairo with Adobo Hobo, a popular food cart; sisters Susan and Wendy Lieu with Sôcôla Chocolatier; and Troy Vadakan with Sweedeedee Jerkey, sold at the SF Underground Farmers Market. Does their heritage influence their product, what is the secret to their success, and where can you find them? Answers to these questions on Apex Express.

Well also hear from Steven Low about his one-man performance, Chink Monkey: a journey into race, gender, and identity, which premiers at the Phoenix Theater on Saturday.

Finally, here’s our list of some LGBT APA events:

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